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Eve, in third person narrative:

Eve has many names on the internet, but only one personality, because she is incapable of lying, even to complete strangers. In real life, Eve has held various jobs. She worked at ToysRUs during Christmas, for the same reason people bungy jump — for the rush. Yeah, she took many notes. Some of her most rewarding and memorable jobs were non-paying: as hospice volunteer, and reader for the blind.

In an earlier life, she was a computer programmer, a small fish in a big blue pond. She was in geek Heaven, working with and for the bigbrains, especially her thinktank mentor, a former officer in the People’s Republic Army. He was a heckuva leader and role model. His favourite saying which she now recites, is “at you next logical break….”

She hung those gloves up, to become a full-time mother. It was harder work than she’d imagined. There’s no freakin’ manual! The pay is ridiculous, but the rewards, incredible. She tries not to embarrass the kids much, so she hides under different names. God forbid their mother should be an internet geek like them. Yeah, she’s got Myspace and Facebook and more websites than any parent is allowed to own.

As of this writing, she tackles a personal linguistic challenge. She is attempting to learn three languages. Afrikaans, spoken, written forms. Conversational Russian, and Conversational Dutch. Simultaneously. As soon as she discovered she had the memory for it, the floodgates were opened. She could not stop at acquiring one language. As she is wont to say, “it’s fun, in a head-banging sort of way.”

Her motto is a paraphrase of Kennedy: “Never write down what you do not want to see plastered on the front page of the New York Times.” She tries in her heart to follow Jesus’ steps, but in reality, He winds up carrying her most of the way.

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