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I’ve had a fascination with point and shoots since I sent $9.99 and a coupon from the back of a cereal box, for a Kodak 110 with those horrid flash cubes. Crude in its simplicity, it was compact, and it took many a memorable photo.

My love for P&S photographing has not diminished. I am head over heels in lust with a camera. It’s the Fuji F70 EXR. Here, in a nutshell is the technology of EXR simplified.

Wow!!! For a camera to have this type of sensitivity to the dynamic range in a shot, is a real paradigm shift for an intelligent P&S camera.

I know, I just got my latest toy last February, and it’s now being considered for that great bin of eBay. Camera technology marches on, and I’m right there in its wake. Maybe I ain’t riding the crest, but I’m right there paddling into the wave. I love you Fujifilm engineers!

Footnote: For any of you who have owned Canon point and shoots, I have two words for you “battery door.” Hah, you know what I’m talking about, dontcha? This has bothered me since I got my first Canon digicam. They have the cludgiest battery doors of any maker I’ve used. The Canon camera I’d owned previously, had a visible gap in the door when the batteries were inserted, and the door closed. There wasn’t a tight fit to the body.

I’ve reason this week to even be more frustrated with the door design. I stupidly popped the AA batteries in backwards, and now can’t open the door to get them out. I had to mail it back to the service center to rescue myself from this mistake that I will never make again. Yeah, my bad, but also, Canon’s lousy design.