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I was perusing comments on some of my favourite music videos. One comment gave me a knee-jerk reaction. It called Afrikaans an ugly language. He’s entitled to his opinion, as wrong as it is. Obviously beauty is in the ear of the beholder. Afrikaans, to my ears, sounds like a mellifluous mix of German and Italian, with its soft gutteral G’s and rolled R’s. When it’s sung, it’s even more pretty.

It takes a genuine xenophobe to condemn an entire language as “ugly.”
Miriam Makeba: “It isn’t a noise, it’s my language.” En, dis my nuwe gunsteling taal.

It’s funny, when I first heard newscasters speak in Afrikaans, my first impression was to agree with one person who described it as sounding like English pronounced backwards!

The person who wrote the “ugly Afrikaans” comment, wrote in English. A good portion of English words derive from Dutch. By extension, he denigrates parts of the very language in which he is writing. Now isn’t that ironic?